If your needs require physical therapy, Bearden Healthcare Associates’ program – always carefully designed and conscientiously applied – can improve your life.  

We established our physical therapy service because it makes life better for our patients recovering from surgery, overcoming an injury, or dealing with any number of other physical problems.

Physical therapy’s important goals are to ease pain, increase mobility, and build your strength.  

Our physical therapy professionals:

  • Are concerned about you as a person first
  • Immerse themselves in the details of your needs
  • Work closely and carefully to ensure you’re getting the most from your physical therapy
  • Make you a partner in the process of improving your life

Working and exercising parts of the body in need of physical therapy can cause discomfort. However, what we want to achieve for you is the outcome of a better, more active, less painful life.  

Contact us today to find out what BHA can do for you.

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